Yangshuo Li River fishing boat festival will be held reproduce the grand millennium lights on fishing boats

Guilin mountains and rivers under heaven, Jiangfeng fishing boat dreams Lijiang River. China,s tourism county, Guilin, Yangshuo, world-famous tourist destination will be held from 10 to 18, the eleventh section of Lijiang fishing boat. By then, thousands of years of history, "Lijiang River fishing boat," the reception will be for domestic and foreign tourists enjoy the "one river lights Azolla," the scenery all.

Yangshuo County Deputy Magistrate Huang Yan said that the current fishing boat festival will be held LOFTY of Yangshuo West Street "charm Street Night" Carnival; in Lijiang River Turtle Island, large-scale "fishing boat lights, bonfire, fireworks," party, 1000 man tug of war competitions, fun skills competitions, "100 songs to sing Yangshuo" creative appraisal Competition and the "Lijiang River Barry, Barry Gallery, Barry Village, 100 artists, 100 excellent work," photography competitions. Fishing boat lights festival will be held Yangshuo county first session of the Games and the "Tour Barry Village, in relation to pastoral scenery, enjoy the joy of farmers" as the theme of "Barry village" BMX.

Yangshuo, Lijiang fishing boat Festival is one of the centuries-old tradition of traditional festivals. Past, Lijiang River in the fishermen fishing at night, often with hundreds of bamboo rafts out to Fisherman rafts were lit on the Yu Deng, cited as fish bait. That lamp lamp Yu Deng, blowing spray, like a starry night sky, Ying-yao the shuttle in the water on the raft and in the water and disappeared when the Osprey is now, so that visitors to the Festival.

Guilin Yangshuo is a tourist county of China,s first United Nations World Tourism Organization will Yangshuo identified as the best leisure destination, and in October this year, set up in Yangshuo, China,s first tourist development of observation points. Last year, the county received nearly 600 million Chinese and foreign tourists.